Equity World – 17 Plant Achieves Green ProperA total of 17 generating units that are managed PLN together with 

subsidiaries, PT Indonesia Power (IP) and PT Generation Jawa Bali (PJB) awarded Proper Green or Performance Rating

(PROPER) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (LHK) in 2016.

Proper Green awarded for efforts and activities have environmental management more than required under the rules

(beyond compliance), such as implement environmental management systems and utilize resources efficiently and implementing social responsibility well.

We very much appreciate what has been achieved these companies.

That is, their success in environmental management in its operations and improve the welfare of the communities around its operations.

The government will expect this achievement can be maintained even should be increased from year to year,” said Siti Nurbaya who handed the award on Wednesday (07/11/2016).

According to Siti Nurbaya, as an instrument of an alternative arrangement, Proper has been used as a reference by the

Indonesian banking risk analysis, reference Adhitama award by the Ministry of Energy, as well as the buyer ILO forum as an

indicator of environmental performance management for the buyer.

“In addition, with Proper generate innovation and improvement of environmental management in the form of the energy

efficiency of 250 million Giga Joule, water efficiency amounted to 447 million cubic meters, a decrease in emissions of 75 million

tonnes of CO2, reduction of solid waste non B3 of 3 million tons, waste reduction B3 of 6 million tons, “he said.

This year as many as 172 companies to get Green Proper of 1,930 participants who come from the 111 kinds of industries.

“Green Proper become a proud achievement for the PLN as a provider of electricity for the whole of Indonesia.

This achievement is clear evidence that the electricity generation is managed with eco-friendly and community empowerment

programs performed well,” said Head of Corporate Communications at PLN I Made Suprateka.

Every year the Ministry LHK Proper assessment aimed at encouraging firms in Indonesia for compliance with environmental

regulations and achieve environmental excellence (environmental Excellency).



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