Equityworld Futures – As the year 2017 is projected to rebound, meaning that the Indonesian economy will start increasing, although slowly. 2017, Year Economic Revival

This hope comes from the success of the Tax Amnesty program as well as the government’s focus on economic regulation and infrastructure development.

Economic growth in 2016 was agreed at the level of 5.0% -5.1%. Indeed decreased compared to previous years, but when compared globally, Indonesia’s economic growth this year is the third best in the world.

For 2017, economic growth is projected at the level of 5.3%, with inflation hitting a 4% at the end of the year, the interest rate (BI 7-Day Repo Rate at 4.75%) and the exchange rate USD / USD at 13,300.

It diungkapkanDirektur Group Risk of Economy and Financial System Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) Moch.

Doddy Ariefianto, in a discussion forum Kafe BCA fourth series with the theme “Economic Outlook 2017″ held by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) at Menara BCA, Jakarta some time ago.

Doddy also revealed another side gait banking industry to economic growth in 2017.

seen from two sides, namely liquidity risk and credit risk management. He said if these fall, it will create a bank performance plummeted.

“If the bad loans (non-performing loans / NPL) can still be stable,” he said.

To strengthen the foundations of the domestic economy, further Dody, Indonesia should also focus fix the national industry, so that the foreign dependence on the wane.

So far, the government’s measures are already in the right direction in an effort to strengthen the foundation of the economy.

One of a series of major policies that do government is removing the economic package of volumes 1 to 14.

The packages are the policy aims to improve the business climate in the country, ranging from ease of permission to invest up to legal certainty in running the business.

In addition, the government is also aggressively building infrastructure. In 2015, the infrastructure budget amounting to Rp290 trillion, whereas in 2016, the figure raised again to Rp313 trillion.

This is done because Indonesia was in dire need of infrastructure to reduce logistics costs, reducing the gap between regions, creating pockets of the new economy, and accelerate economic growth.

In addition to Dody, attended as a speaker and Chairman of the Organization Membership Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Anggawira.

Angga said Indonesia needs a lot of young entrepreneurs if it is to achieve 6% growth. Currently, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia only around 20%.

He also berharapnantinya many young people after college going back to his hometown or plunge into the villages helped develop the economic potential of the region based on natural resources (SDA). This prism of Indonesia’s dependence on commodities.

2017, Tahun Kebangkitan Ekonomi

Indonesia is expected in the future depends not only on the receipt of export commodities, but also the acceptance of the export of processed goods. “We encourage young people to look at the business in the maritime sector and the agro industry,” he said.

In addition, the tourism sector can also be glimpsed in the next year because the current government is aggressively pushing the number of tourists is projected to reach 20 million people in 2019.

“The industry will continue to move assessed each year by presenting a promising opportunity,” he said.

While the Corporate Secretary Hendra said BCA January, the Bank realizes the importance of supporting economic growth by increasing the variety of services and banking solutions that are increasingly specific needs of the community and various related financial transactions can be fulfilled. “Getting people to trust banks, the more positive impact on the national economy,” he continued.

January added challenges to the national economy, especially in relation to the global economic slowdown is still looming in the next year. However, some sectors in the country predicted to keep growing. The sectors that mainly relies on household spending, manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and the creative industries, as well as online-based trading. “We are ready to strengthen economic fundamentals in the country through the role of banks,” he said.

BCA cafe is a forum to share insight and understanding of the implementation of service excellence in the BCA which is part of the All Beres Campaign. BCA has consistently cafe discuss actual themes in order to provide added value to the community.

“Through this forum Kafe BCA time, we recognize the importance of shared optimism in the positive sentiment for economic growth next year. We hope the community to contribute to the economic growth that is beneficial to many people,” said Jan.