Equityworld Futures – Tax amnesty program aka tax amnesty has been followed by various taxpayer individual or entity. Church Society FollowUp Study Tax Amnesty


The participation of various groups is inseparable from the rise of socialization conducted by the Directorate-General (DG) Taxation in the various regions.

Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, said tax amnesty program by the various elements of society.

Religious groups also participated success of this program, and contribute significant tax revenue.

“On the other hand, if we see the potential there is a story, that through socialization there are people involved in tax amnesty.

Many head office who do not think that there are people on the unity of the church or the recitation come tax amnesty, and the

deposit is quite a lot,” she said, in Tax dialogue at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, SCBD, South Jakarta, Tuesday (08/11/2016).

But on the other hand, Sri Mulyani said, the level of tax compliance those who work as notaries relatively still very low.

Sri Mulyani said, in an area of ​​only 11 notaries who have a taxpayer identification number (TIN), 60 notaries were recorded.

“There is a notary public in one of the provinces that I often use as an example of my favorites.

There are a registered notary 60 or 40, which has a TIN just 11,” said Sri Mulyani.

So if it is not acted upon would harm the principles of justice, in which 11 notaries have a TIN and pay taxes, while the rest are left with no penalty.

So that the tax amnesty program is run by the government as well as a material for evaluation in the tax sector Indonesia.

“So did I admit that a tax reform package that is inseparable from this side of the tax amnesty, we will continue to listen and want to get feedback on how we behave,” said Sri Mulyani.