PT Equityworld – Curious Taste test Huawei P9. Eight months were made to wait. Supposing, the itch has been since last April, but only carded later in December.

What Indonesian consumers still curious about the Huawei P9?

If you look at the specifications on offer, should heck yes. With dual cameras berembel gimmick-frills Leica, it was hard to not
glance. Moreover, the price is quite affordable when compared flagship of Apple and Samsung. 

But once again, the waiting time span is so long, it could be a separate question.

What yes all consumers think the same? In a way, this condition for Huawei, like test curiosity. 

At a time when consumers are faced with a large selection of high end, there are variants of the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, not to

mention Google Pixel output, P9 momentum to steal the market was clearly disturbed. 

Curiosity is also what makes detikINET interviewed Johnson Ma, Country Director of Huawei Indonesia.

Here is a complete explanation of it, why P9 late entry, and how optimistic look at the opportunity? Directly we see it.

Why only now launching Huawei P9?

Indonesia is now launching Huawei Huawei P9 in Indonesia after following the processes needed to comply with Indonesian
regulations on content from local industry (DCL). Huawei P9 are now manufactured in Indonesia by ensuring the same
international standards. 

It’s been eight months late, what Huawei is still optimistic about the chances of P9? 

As a technology company in the world’s first communications, Huawei is committed to constantly innovate and bring devices

with the latest communications technology to deliver the best communication solutions to our customers and provide the best
experience of all our flagship products. 

Huawei P9 as one of the flagship Huawei, has been selected as one of the best smartphone products in Europe and Australia.

The camera feature Dual Lens which is a collaboration between revolutionary Leica, a brand leading camera in the world,
create a flagship smartphone from Huawei won several awards such as ‘Best Dual Lens Smartphone’ from Teknotel 2016 and
makes this smartphone as a smartphone of choice in world. 

By this we believe with the enthusiasm of the people of Indonesia will be the presence of Huawei P9, which offers features dual lens camera that can deliver the best image results for consumers.

Nowadays there are enough pre-orders through partners our e-commerce.

3. What strategies Huawei to P9 in Indonesia?

Huawei Indonesia has prepared a number of strategies for P9 in Indonesia, one of them through cooperation with Indonesia to
provide training Leica photography with P9. 

We also partner with a number of professional photographers and lovers (enthusiasts) photography, as well as cooperation with

other premium brands in Indonesia. In addition, Huawei has set up several other initiatives to consumers in Indonesia in 2017.

4. What will be done Huawei to win the competition in the mobile market in Indonesia?

Huawei has become a brand that is synonymous with innovation, quality, and service.
Huawei continues to focus on technological innovation in order to always be able to offer a product for high-end smartphones
and mid-range of the best at an affordable price, as well as other communication devices in Indonesia.

Huawei is also committed to providing service and after sales service that is best for every customer.

Going forward, we will set up production of our mobile devices more quickly in order to accelerate the entry of our products in the Indonesian market.
P9 produced in Indonesia, after the GR series and YR series, Huawei continued to show commitment to always follow the rules DCL significantly.