Equityworld Futures – Head of Plant Quarantine and Plant Biosafety, the Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Antarjo Dikin said, the government is currently awaiting approval from China. Exporters Mangosteen Search New Markets China


This permission to be able to supply the mangosteen fruit directly to the country’s bamboo curtain.

While waiting for permission, according Antarjo, exporters can seek a new market by targeting other countries as the export

target.He suggested that exporters are not dependent on China but are looking for new markets.

Recorded in Quarantine mangosteen export amount of 25,000 / ton year aimed majority of Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

In addition, there is also a second order shipped to Dubai.

Not just China alone, at most to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The second sequence that is Dubai. In addition to Europe as well but still little meaning for exporters in order to find the market

also to other countries not only to China,” said Antarjo, the detikFinance, Monday (11/21/2016).

According to some of the countries that could be the target of export for example Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the

United Arab Emirates. However, he regretted export to Europe and the other is still a bit when I have opened the tap to export

to that country.

He cited the potential for export to Europe were very nice.

For example, in Europe the price of one of the mangosteen fruit can reach 15 euros, if one kilogram contains 8 to 10 pieces it can

be sold for 150 euros / kg, or about USD 2.2 million.

“The period depends on China anyway, can go to other markets such as Dubai, while their pilgrimage. Exports to Europe despite

little price is nice. The mangosteen fruit is that it costs 15 euros, depending on the size sometimes 8 or 10 if a kilo. If 1 kg of the

10 seeds price 150 euro / kg nearly USD 2.2 million / kg did not try anything special dibayangin if for example the export of 1

ton how. if in Indonesia 1 euro to 2 kilos, “said Antarjo.

He called quarantine ready to facilitate the export shipments.

Later exports can enter through the Netherlands first.
“Quarantine can really ready to facilitate, we’re talking with Indonesia and the Netherlands are ready to receive the products to

Europe, but why so little amount exported to Europe, Yang eat mangosteen in Europe a lot, the skin is also useful to medicine,”

said Antarjo.

While the market price per kilogram of mangosteen in China is priced at Rp 70,000 to Rp 140.00. Thus, according to Antarjo

still many opportunities and markets that should be utilized by the exporters.