Equity WorldFinancial either many or few in number, became one of the causes of discord in the family, even the economic problems (the husband can not provide for) is the leading cause of divorce. Finance Marriage

Data from the Ministry of Religion, from 2 million weddings every year, there are 200 thousand divorced.

Therefore understanding of each partner will be managing the agreement in the household economy is very important to be agreed from the start.

At least issues related to finance can be a nuisance in the marriage, among others:

1. Debt Burden of the Past

Most married people have an innate financial burdens such as car loans, credit cards or other financial burdens, such as giving

financial support to the family, or even the debt burden for the cost of the wedding.

Often the case, the debt for the cost of this wedding, to own two children, not paid.

This is usually experienced by the male partner. If a party has more debt than the other, or worse if their partner debt free.

The obligation to pay the debt can be a fertile land disputes.

Therefore openness in the beginning before marriage about debt condition is very important, including how the installment, is a burden / dependents each, or together.

Do not let the wife of shock, stunned and crying in front of Financial Plannernya, because new know and feel guilty, that the

marriage had lasted nearly 7 years the cost is not paid off, being the wife feels, ‘my husband paid enough’, so asked to buy a

motorcycle or car new.

2. Financial Personality

Couples (couples) without debt could be at odds about money. The cause is the difference in financial personality, which can be

grouped into five types: big spender (like buy luxury goods), savers (the saving), shoppers (those who like to shop), debtor (the

person who dared to owe) and the investor.

Purchases of goods branded by big spenders and hobby shop by the shopper, often a source of complaint partner.

To handle this, have not yet entered during the marriage, be honest about your personality so that spouses know early on so

can help overcome the negative trend of the financial personality, ie create a separate account for the allocation of budget luxury

goods atu shoppingnya.

3. Work and Income

The husband works, the wife does not. Unemployed husband or wife and keep working. Or the husband and wife work, but one of them has a larger income than others.

The parents of the wife has a lot of money and the parents of the poor husband. Imbalances above often raises the game of power.

Moneymaker more likely to want to dictate spending priorities. One solution: spending decisions entrusted to the lower-income spouse.

4. Financial Management

The husband or wife who works, or they both work, to be agreed financial management used. In principle there are three options, namely:

‘Husband: All money belongs to my wife’. Husband bear all expenditure, the wife’s income is up to his wife, to be used for what.

System 1 basket ‘your money and my money’. The husband’s income plus the (partial) wife’s income deposited into a joint account, then used to pay for expenses.

System 2 basket ‘my money-my money, your money-your money’. Each pay load, the husband to pay the expenditure a, b, c, d, wife pay expenses e, f, g, h, for example.

5. Extended Family

Large families can be a source of dispute. A family is already saving to buy a new kendaraanl. At the same time, the mother of

the wife wanted wanted to hold a celebration, husband’s parents needed money for treatment. Sister of the wife, who had

helped to fund schools wife, lost their jobs and need help.

Sister’s husband could not pay his tuition. Family needs often have a direct impact to the wallet of a family.

How does the family have to deal with this problem? Having a policy agreed in advance can help prevent or minimize the problem.

That brother is the closest circle are eligible for assistance, then prioritize which ones will be helped, unless there are funds that can be used to help all. In this case the actual social posts can be used.

6. Children

Children often become the source of problems. Have or do not have children (and how?) Is a problem.

After having children, the problem is how to meet the needs of their versatility and value continues to increase, ranging from

the cost of examinations during pregnancy, birth, health, education fee, wedding someday, etc. Make sure the child’s Amanah

educated and fulfill their needs well.

7. Financial Condition Average Tight

Disputes couple’s financial problems generally occur when financial conditions were tight. but steel material




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