Equityworld Futures – It lies in the path of a ring of volcanoes, making Indonesia have the title as the country with the largest reserves of geothermal energy in the world. For 34 Years, recently RI Have 1,500 MW Geothermal Power


Data from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral mention, of total reserves of 27,000 MW, only 4% are only used.

Chairman of the Indonesian Geothermal Association (API), Abadi Purnomo said Indonesia was first build geothermal electricity

(PLTP) in 1982, but until now only 1,500 MW installed.

Geothermal has been around since 1982 in Kamojang or already 34 years old, newly awakened 1,500 MW only.

Meaning what? Something is not right. Because the off taker (buyer) only PLN, if you do not want to buy it already,” said Abadi

in discussion ‘Energy Kita’ in the Press Council Building, Jakarta, Sunday (06/11/2016).

According to him, the low of geothermal development are still struggling on the classical problem, deal with PLN electricity prices.


Moreover, during Indonesia are enjoying the low fossil fuel.

“The era of the 1980s and 1990s are still lulled by cheap oil prices. So PLN tend to prefer to use fossil fuels.

Then there is the coal plants are only 6-7 cents per KWh. Compare with geothermal 10 cents per KWh,” Abadi said.

He said, when other countries have started to abandon fossil fuels for electricity, the government is to multiply the power plant in coal-fueled.

“China, 80% use coal have started changing. We even vying coal use in projects of 35,000 MW. There is mention of renewable

energy to 32% in 2025, I guess it could be a trigger,” said Abadi.