PT EquityworldHarry Kane failed to add to his tally in a Tottenham victory at Southampton headquarters. Kane Reveal Failure penalty

Following her failure to execute a penalty.

The Saints had thrashed Tottenham 4-1 at the Stadium St. Mary’s, Thursday (29/12/2016) pm dawn.
Kane scored his second Spurs early in the second half to reverse the situation after coming from behind through goals quickly Southampton.

Tottenham striker that actually has a chance to finish the game faster.

Starting from the violation of Dele Alli makes Nathan Redmond red card, the referee then pointed to the spot.

Kane took the penalty kick failed to complete his duties as the ball shot flew high over the crossbar.

This incident no doubt make England player was mocked in cyberspace.

From the replays show that Kane left foot landed on the grass is less solid. As a result, it seemed to affect his right leg kick.

“Land that was under me to do the penalty is broken.

I’ve seen him before the game and there was a piece of new grass and broken,” said Kane, who told BBC Sport.

Despite his penalty failure, one goal was enough to end the fast goals in the Premier League Kane who quit in three games.

Kane is now listed collecting eight goals in the league or 10 goals in all competitions.