Equityworld Futures – With millions of followers on Instagram and thousands of photos that have been posted, Kendall Jenner is now leaving it all. Kendall Jenner Delete Instagram Account


Model 21, was recently deleted an account Instagramnya without warning last Sunday, and make the followers wonder.

Now pictures of Kendall Jenner fashionable style no longer welcome followers on Instagram account, but says ‘Sorry, this page is not available’.

Although he did not exist in Instagram, but other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter are still active.

Kendall Jenner seems to follow the footsteps of his half-brother, Kim Kardashian is taking a big step in social media.

After the armed robbery and managed to take the diamond ring that happened billions of rupiah in Paris on Oct. 3, the reality

star was 36 years never post anything else on Instagram.

This certainly makes fans disappointed, because before Kim was never out of the update photos on Instagram or Snapchat.

At least one or two photos he always posts every day on social media. But for now, Kim did not delete his Instagram account as Kendall.

Kendall Jenner talked about removing social media accounts to Allure magazine.

Kendall said it would switch from one social media if he felt that the application had taken his life.

“I have close friends and family who rely heavily on their mobile phone and not be separated,” he said depict his sister, Kylie

Jenner who can not get out of the phone during a vacation.

It was crazy to me because he did not enjoy this experience.

It was a moment that seemed menghentakku. And I do not like it. So sometimes I delete Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat on

my phone for a few days,” he concluded.