Equity World – Having savings is one of the major needs for individuals and families in Indonesia. Save Your Money in the Bank Guaranteed LPS

Saves money can be likened to a buoy on a ship. New looks benefits when there is something undesirable.

However, not everyone can take advantage of banking services to save money or save money.

Saving money itself also has a high risk. In addition to inviting danger due to theft, sometimes money can also be lost due to damaged (house fire, natural disaster, etc.).

Another thing if we keep money in the bank. If judging from the security side, deposits money in the bank easily controlled.

First, we can rest assured that the money we saved by the institution that could be trusted and licensed and supervised by the government in its management.

Second, even if the bank becomes insolvent or license has been revoked by the authorities, deposit money is still guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS).

LPS operating in Indonesia since 2005 to convince the public of the banking institutions. Currently, all banks operating in Indonesia has been a participant LPS, both conventional banks and Islamic banks.

The value of guaranteed deposits amounted to a maximum of Rp 2 billion per customer per bank. Deposits paid of course is the savings that meet the “requirement decent pay” guarantee, namely:

1. Recorded in bank bookkeeping;
2. Interest earned does not exceed the specified interest LPS *;
3. Opt caused banks to fail (eg bad loans).

* Restrictions interest does not apply to deposits in Bank Syariah

The deposits are guaranteed savings, deposits, demand deposits, and other types of deposits identified with the types of deposits previously mentioned, as well as savings products of Islamic banks.

If you want to deposit guaranteed by LPS, the steps are as follows:

1. Examine the balance of our savings in banks (reconciliation) by printing passbook periodically (eg once a month). It can also reduce the possibility of incompatibility us with bank notes;

2. Check LPS in www.lps.go.id and interest in the bank, then ask the bank so that a given interest rate is the interest LPS;

3. If the bad loans, pay off the obligations on time.

If there is a bank failure which has been revoked the business license, LPS will perform the reconciliation and verification to determine viable deposits paid and savings are not worth paying.

Determination of the reconciliation and verification is done gradually and at the latest 90 working days after the bank’s operating license revoked.

Payment of insurance claims by LPS to the customer is done in stages in accordance with the determination of the reconciliation and verification.

Payment of the first phase is done 5 days in working hours since the reconciliation and verification begins. LPS make payments to customers through insurance claims paying bank.

Customer will be given time to file insurance claims for 5 years from bank license has been revoked.

To apply for bail or withdrawing the claim, the customer must carry proof of ownership savings (eg, passbook or deposit certificate) and an identification card.



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