Equityworld Futures – For office workers, office locations to be important in supporting the effectiveness of work. Especially in Jakarta, a very busy city, solid, and easy to cause stress. This Office Location Ideal Employees in Jakarta


Therefore, employees who work in Jakarta needs a comfortable office, conveniently located, and provides convenience in all matters.

That’s the ideal office for employees in Jakarta. With a strategic location, access to places, such as a place to do business among

clients becomes easier. Looking goods for any office easier.

In addition, the office location close to mass transit facilities. Finally, the ideal office also provides a neat and comfortable environment.

Difficult to find such an office in Jakarta? No, if you are familiar Synthesis Synthesis Office Tower in the Square, Jl. Gatot Subroto Jakarta.


Prestigious product of Synthesis Development offers office environment that can make employees work effectively.

Synthesis Office Tower is one area close to Samara Suites which is the first apartment bussines in Indonesia and is very suitable for businessmen, professionals and expatriates.

Tanya Alissia (39), General ManagerFrank & Co. expressed satisfaction based on Synthesis Square – Office Tower 2.

“Initially we had offices in Kelapa Gading – North Jakarta, is very far and not in the center of town.

Well, now we can be strategic locations here , “he said. “If you want meeting each client also place more representative, in the middle of town.


Access is for me personally awful because I only took half an hour to reach the office of Cipete.

I am the retail too many visits shops in the mall. Access is also easy . into easily Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan also easy.

If you want to outside Jakarta, such as Bekasi easy access for front directly get into the highway. ”

Synthesis Square Office Tower, also close to mass transportation facilities, including Light Rapid Transit (LRT), Commuter Line and Trans Jakarta.

Towards other business centers such as Sudirman Central busniness District (SCBD) is also within easy reach in a short time.

In addition, Synthesis Square is also close to various shopping centers and highways.

“Strategically located on the main highway, close to the toll booth so close to be reached. Automatic shortcut also exists and is not jammed.

I usually do a private vehicle, but if I can not bring the vehicle, I was able to ride the Trans Jakarta because it is close to bus stops .


Want to have lunch here also is close to restaurants and the mall.

it is also close to other buildings that support the needs of the

workplace, “said Kim, an employee of a Korean company based in Synthesis Office Tower.

To obtain complete information about sythesis Square Office Tower 2 the concept of boutique office with an investment with a

yield of 7% per year, you can dial the phone number (021) 8317770/087882182017 (WA) or visit the Marketing Office in

Synthesis Square Tower 2, Ground Floor , Jl. Gen. Gatot Subroto Kav. 64 177 A, South Jakarta