Equity WorldThree pioneering effort digital (startup) has been selected as the winner of the best in the event Lintasarta Appcelerete 2016.


They are CHARM, biopsy and WINAFI. Three Jawara Startup Lintasarta

The event itself was organized by Aplikanusa Lintasarta by cooperating with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Development Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB LPIK).

“Lintasarta and LPIK ITB spawned three startup of three different categories. They are all nice, all the best. Because I believe

that Indonesian children can compete in the world for the application,” said President Lintasarta Arya Damar, Thursday (1/12 /


He added, CHARM is a customer handling, analytics and relationship management that helps companies to be able to listen and

understand customers through analysis of customer conversations in social media.


Biopsy is an application that offers precision farming for monitoring and controlling green house farmers.

“The WINAFI is the application of basic foods that offer the convenience of shopping mart everyday needs that integrate the

local grocer with consumers around him,” he said.

Lintasarta will offer cooperation to the 10 pilot business incubation as a partner so that applications created can be used by the


According to the jury, of 10 business startups have entered an incubation period of three months (July, August, September

2016), the winner of a startup that got the best ratings with a problem solving and usefulness, and has a commercial value and

business value.


The jury is the board of directors, general manager and LPIK Lintasarta ITB.

During the incubation period, the pilot has got business mentoring, development and commercial improvement through various

programs that are given.

Head of ITB Suhono LPIK Harso Supangkat said he was very appreciative of the efforts Lintasarta in encouraging birth and

development of pioneering digital business.

He added, Appcelerate is an activity to build business development ecosystem in Indonesia.

“The goal is noble, as much as possible stub formed business owned by the citizens of Indonesia, with quality and international scope.


ITB will continue to build the business stub bermintra Indonesia,” said Suhono.

Lintasarta Appcelerate is the arena of creating a business plan in the form of product innovation or digital applications, such as

mobile applications, which have business value and can be applied to support a variety of industry sectors: banking, financial, oil

& gas, plantation, manufacturing, e-health, logistics, transportation, maritime and tourism.

This event has started since April 2016 last.

In addition to the ITB, Lintasarta plans to hold a similar event in collaboration with other universities in Indonesia.


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